2002 - 2017

As the Director of Graphic Services for the Creative Services Department (4-7 people over the years) we created Agent, Employer and Consumer communications for 28 life and health insurance products. I also accomplished the following:

  • Designed updated web site for this division with off-site developers and consultants
  • Created new communication channels through interactive CD, radio, video, and web
  • Concept and artwork for Transamerica Center for Health Studies website and infographics
  • Wrote scripts and produced videos for 21 insurance products
  • Placed media buy and established evaluation method, resulting in yearly sales growth
  • Reorganized communications to save the company over 2 million a year in print costs
  • Managed the sales materials distribution to agents, employers and enrollees
  • Managed workflow between writers/art directors and compliance/legal
  • Created master brand and style guide for product portfolio
  • Created interactive forms for internal departments to communicate and track requests
  • Created event collateral for on and off-site meetings
  • Designed convention expo display and experience

Creative Samples