Graphic Design

Here are a few examples of my graphic design.

Buffalo River Foundation

This environmental non-profit buys easements and property around the Buffalo National River to protect it from nearby business, farming and tourism.

I Want to Stare at my Phone with You

This collection of 35 hilarious short stories written by Rhett Brinkley are all about going from your 20s - 30s in Arkansas. Each story has an illustration by Sulac.

"Forever" Bonnie Montgomery

Helped out my sweet friend Bonnie with her newest album layout. We used her handwritten song titles for the lyric sheet.

Community Health Centers of Arkansas

OBJECTIVE: Clean up logo and create versions, update current Info Tri-fold, and Guidebook.

CONSIDERATIONS: This is an umbrella brand that connects resources for clinics across Arkansas. Information needs to be clear and concise. Converted data from line-item bullets, to more modern charts.


As the Director of Graphic Services for the Creative Services Department for 15 years, my team and I created Agent, Employer and Consumer communications for 28 life and health insurance products. We also drove this division's marketing efforts, meeting and conference planning, web site user experience, and all internal communications.